Hiding Seams. 

{One week late} ..better late than never! 

This past weekend we were able to scribble a lot off of our ‘to-do’ list! I had Monday off for Presidents Day so Greg took the day off as well, allowing us to have three full days to focus on our house. It went better than I could have imagined! Friday night we stayed up until 3 AM spraying texture on the walls. (OY). We were determined to finish the entire main level at once but time didn’t allow. 

Saturday morning we were up with the sun and able to complete the texture throughout our master bedroom, bath, and closet. Honestly, we both felt like walking zombies by noon. I get a little silly with lack of sleep. 

 The texture we chose is knockdown. We used the same texture throughout our house in Denver and didn’t have any complaints! It is really easy to do once you get the hang of it, and I love how much it hides! We started out with a few buckets… IMG_2158


IMG_2169Here’s a picture of before and after we ‘knocked it down’.IMG_2177

It took most of Saturday evening for the texture to dry, which worked out well. Greg took me out for ‘surf ‘n turf’ for our Valentines dinner… He’s the best. 

Sunday morning we worked on getting everything ready to paint. For a nice finish we lightly sanded some of the rough spots, and made sure all of the corners were smooth. The drywall mud tends to ‘bead up’ if you get any dust on your trowel while knocking it down, so the sanding helps with that. We are very happy with the outcome! I’ll share pictures of everything once it’s painted! 


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~ Sunset on the Beach ~

Yesterday afternoon I was craving the warm weather and the colorful sky. It was the perfect day to play with my new camera! As soon as I got home I let the chickens out for their evening adventures and changed into some comfortable clothes… (AKA Yoga Pants). You can’t deny it!

Breck and I got hyped up and out the door we went. We walked down the boat ramp and onto the beach. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE our location?



I noticed sheets of ice on the lake but of course that didn’t stop Breck from jumping into the water. He loves swimming more than he loves his food… Which says a lot. ;) Continue reading

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Drab Gray.

As I am sitting here waiting for my nails to dry, I will tell you about my day. I spent most of the afternoon painting our chicken coop. We purchased our house paint in the fall hoping we would be ready to paint before winter arrived. Unfortunately we didn’t get it done. Being the impatient person that I am, I decided to paint our coop so that I could swoon over our chosen color. Not the case, like at all.

Talk about bummer-ville. The color on the coop is a light {boring} gray. The type of color that causes to drive right by your house and not even realize it. No one wants to look at this color. We were definitely going for a darker gray.

As soon as Greg commented on the color I blurted out that I didn’t ‘love it’. I think that is my way of politely saying I hate something. I was relieved to know that it wasn’t just me. Either something got mixed wrong, or we were delusional when we picked it out. We will never know.


(The dark blue on the door was the paint color of our last house)

One thing I DO know, is that I will be getting a few more paint samples this coming week. No drab gray!

How was your day?!



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Good Ole’ Chevy

Last weekend we made the final decision on our granite countertops. We have decided to go with…. (Drumroll please). Bianco Antico. It’s gorgeous. And by gorgeous I mean you can’t keep your hands off of it. You just want to look, and touch, and… *swoon*. I can’t wait. Our granite guy had it displayed on a vanity, so of course I snapped a picture!

Bianco Antico

The vanity was very nice but no, we didn’t take it home… as tempting as it was. Continue reading

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Cram Time!

This weekend we have about a million things to do in only two short days. When you live in the middle of no where you learn how to ‘cram’ your shopping trips.

We ordered our appliances in November and they are finally in! Well, all of them except for our gas range. That little beauty is taking it’s sweet time.

Pink ArrowOur weekend is going to look like this:
1- Road-trip to Denver
2- Dinner with {great} friends
3- Take naps
4- Saturday- Pick out our granite slab (woohoo!)
5- Lunch with the girls
6- Pick out Bridesmaids dresses
7- Select tile for main living area
8- Register for wedding gifts
9- Christmas dinner with Grandma (Better late than never!)
10- Snuggle with our sweet little nephew
11- Take more naps
12- Sunday- Pick up the following: appliances, master bathroom vanity, trim for main level
13- Select paint color
14- Visit our precious nieces
15- Drive home
16- Collapse on couch and eat popcorn! (Yummmm)

Lets hope all goes as planned! Have a great weekend!


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Help!! {Favorite} paint color?

We are finishing up the drywall mudding, which means the best part comes next~ Painting! We are going to pick one color to paint the entire main living area (kitchen, dining, family room)… Then I will add little accent walls later. Because this girl loves to paint. I may or may not drive Greg bonkers.

My ideal color would be a greige. I love it. I have 5,000 pictures pinned of this color on Pinterest. The hard part is picking the right one. I would love suggestions!! So far I’ve tried Valspar- Frappe, Greige, and Perfect Gray. Frappe has been my favorite so far, but I’m still not convinced. I don’t want it to be too dark. Or too tan. I’m over tan, unless it’s on my skin- then me likey. :)

What paint colors have you loved from day one?!


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Hydrangeas & Mud.

This week I got to celebrate my birthday! I’m so thankful for my friends and family, I had such a special day! I even got flowers from the fiance!!! He included my favorite- Hydrangeas. I love him dearly.


 Our house is starting to look a lot better now that we have all of the drywall hung. I am excited to post some pictures of our progress. My dad is taking time out of his busy schedule to come help us mud and tape everything! We are so grateful for his help!!! Continue reading

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